Dr. R. Thomas Weaver DC, MS

Our chiropractor, Dr. R. Thomas Weaver DC, MS, is committed to pain relief and wellness care for all patients who visit our clinic. He views each patient as a unique person who deserves individualized care and attention. He also believes in treating the whole body, rather than just focusing on the symptoms of back or neck pain, and uses lifestyle and nutritional counseling to help patients achieve long-term relief. Bad habits, stress, non-ergonomically designed furniture, and a sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to pain. Dr. Weaver will show you how to adjust your lifestyle to end your chronic pain and start a new, healthier life.

“Dr. Weaver is the best! He helped me through a lumbar sprain and got me back to work quickly and painlessly. I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else!” – Amy L., patient since 2015​

​​​​​​​Dr. Weaver is a Kansas native, and has spent most of his life in the Wichita area. He attended Kansas State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. For graduate school, he attended Logan University’s College of Chiropractic in the St. Louis area. While at Logan, Dr. Weaver also pursued a Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. Following graduation, the doctor and his wife, Stephanie, moved to Springfield, Missouri where he practiced before returning to Wichita. Family is one of his top priorities, and Dr. Weaver, his wife, and their sons, Rourk and Elliott, are all excited to be near relatives again!

Dr. Weaver’s auto accident treatment includes hands-on manipulation as well as spinal decompression. Spinal decompression therapy uses an advanced computerized decompression table that gently manipulates the back in a series of controlled intervals. The decompression intervals produce a suction-like effect on the bulging disc, encouraging it to return to its proper position between the vertebrae. As a positive side effect, the therapy creates an osmotic gradient that helps restore hydration and nutrients to the disc. As a result, decompression therapy provides significant relief for back pain.

Dr. Weaver also uses acupuncture, corrective exercises, and ultrasound therapy to relieve your neck pain and back pain. He has discovered over the years that using a variety of treatments simultaneously produces the best results.

Corrective exercises re-balance the spine and provide long-term relief for both back and neck pain. At our clinic, we use both balancing and strengthening exercises.

Dr. Weaver also provides nutritional counseling and lifestyle suggestions to facilitate healing and relieve your neck pain, back pain, and headache. A healthy diet is vital for healing and wellness. Moreover, food allergies commonly are linked to pain symptoms and illness. Dr. Weaver will review your diet with you and may suggest supplements and changes in your eating habits to enhance your rehabilitation.

Lifestyle counseling is also part of our wellness care. Stress and depression often play primary roles in severe back problems and chronic pain. Sometimes small changes in your daily lifestyle habits can dramatically improve mobility and provide substantial pain relief.

Dr. Weaver is very sensitive to the needs of all his patients, and he can help re-establish equilibrium in your life that will lead to long-term health and wellness.

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