Injuries are common incidents in sports. Athletes work their bodies harder than the average person. Sometimes, they tax some muscle groups more than is ideal, exerting forceful, repetitive impact on muscles and ligaments. The result is injuries, tears, strains, and sprains. The possibility of injuries increases with age because the muscles and bones age too. But, chiropractic care may help to treat the existing and prevent future injuries.

Here’s how chiropractic care helps with sports injuries:

It Relieves Pain

One of the primary benefits chiropractic care accords athletes is pain relief. It brings down the pains, aches, and soreness that come with pushing your body against its physical limits. Many athletes suffer pain from pulled hamstrings and calf strains. Thigh sprains, groin sprains, and shoulder injuries are common too. Athletes may also complain of lower back pain, neck pain, and tendonitis. Chiropractic care relieves or brings down these pains.

A typical pain treatment process begins with a thorough structural examination of your frame. The chiropractor examines your posture, spine, and balance. He or she also inspects your back, joints, extremities, ligaments, and tendons. Based on the findings, the chiropractor then determines the treatment that best suits your condition. The choice is usually between spinal manipulation and spinal mobilization.

Spinal manipulation involves putting pressure on your joints to free any tension. It also aligns your muscles and discs so that they can work normally. Spinal mobilization takes a gentler approach. It involves simple stretches and working with simple tools to free joint pressure.

Other methods also work well to relieve pain. They include heat stimulation, electric stimulation, and the use of ice. Let the chiropractor know about all your symptoms so that he or she can make the best decision regarding your treatment.

It Prevents Injuries In The Future

The second reason an athlete has regular chiropractic care is to prevent or reduce sports injuries in the future. Chiropractic adjustment increases your range of motion and flexibility. This reduces your propensity to get injured.

During the sessions, the chiropractor massages and exerts a gentle force on your muscles, joints, discs, and ligaments. He or she makes them move a little more than they would ordinarily but without hurting you. At the end of the session, you can move your limbs and joints further. Your muscles also stretch better without causing pain and strain.

With increased ease and range of movement, you are less likely to get hurt playing. You might even see an improvement in your performance.

It’s A Drug-Free Treatment

Understandably, athletes want to avoid pharmaceutical medications as much as possible. Chiropractic care comes in as the alternative drug-free yet effective treatment option. Still, in some cases, the chiropractor may include medication in your treatment. But, this is only to make you heal faster. So, take up chiropractic care to boost your body’s natural healing and repair.

It Can Be Specific To Sports Injuries

The chiropractic care given to prevent athletes is specialized to their needs. You will find that many chiropractors have specialized in treating sports injuries. They can locate the source of your pain going by the sport you play and adjust your body accordingly. They also know how to fine-tune your body to prevent or reduce the frequency of future incidences.

Learn more about how a chiropractor can help with sports injuries, contact Auburn Hills Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Wichita, KS at (316) 721-2220.

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